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Joining Forces – The Acquisition of B&W Tek Takes Metrohm’s Spectroscopy Portfolio to the Next Level

Joining Forces – The Acquisition of B&W Tek Takes Metrohm’s Spectroscopy Portfolio to the Next Level content piece image
Image credit: Metrohm
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The acquisition of B&W Tek LLC by Metrohm AG in July 2018 has created one of the largest solution providers for applied Raman spectroscopy. Beginning May 1, 2019, Metrohm USA and Metrohm Canada will begin selling B&W Tek mobile spectroscopy solutions.

The addition of the B&W Tek products complements Metrohm’s existing Raman and near-IR solutions for lab and process to include handheld 1064-nm Raman systems, portable Raman analyzers for laboratory and field use as well as solutions for Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS).

With the addition of this new line of B&W Tek products Metrohm expands its portfolio of versatile, easy-to-use solutions that can be configured to the needs of individual customers for use in virtually any industry or for any application. The B&W Tek products, which include NanoRam® and NanoRam®-1064, TacticID®, i-Raman® Prime and QTRam®, will maintain their respective branding during the transition.

Metrohm’s spectroscopy product development and manufacturing will expand with B&W Tek’s expertise and facilities. In addition to the added support from B&W Tek’s specialists, customers worldwide will have the benefit of application support and service provided through trained and certified experts from more than 80 Metrohm companies and exclusive distributors in 120 countries worldwide.