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Kimble Chase Expands Scientific Vials Product Portfolio

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Kimble Chase, has added more than one hundred vials, septa, and closures to its scientific and packaging vial portfolio. Kimble Chase offers the most comprehensive product portfolio available for the Life Science and Chemistry market.

New items include chromatography and sample storage vials in various styles (flat/conical bottom, threaded, etc.). Other useful features include attached closures and printed volume measurement lines for high recovery and security.

New closures, with multiple cap and liner combinations, are available in a variety of materials with a wide range of chemical/temperature resistance properties.

Also available are various value-added services such as: custom vials manufactured in clear KIMAX® KG-33 or amber 203 borosilicate glass to customers’ exact specifications, bar-coding, and tare weighing with supporting documentation.

Laser etched barcodes for permanent sample IDs (PSID) are available in ceramic paint or adhesive labels with a range of symbologies which include codes 39, 128, I 2 of 5 and 2D data matrix.

The majority of Kimble Chase’s new and existing vials are manufactured in ISO-9001 complaint facilities in the USA. Because all glass items from the company are crafted initially from sand, product quality is monitored from raw material through finished product with full traceability.

Kimble Chase vials are available worldwide from multiple distribution facilities located in the US, Europe and Asia. Sales teams are located in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.