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Kinesis SureStop® Vials

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Kinesis SureStop® Short Thread Vials are designed with an overwind-barrier that provide an optimal seal and compression between the cap, septum and vial. The sealed vial offers the sealing and performance characteristics of a crimp top vial and the versatility and convenience of a threaded vial.

This is achieved by incorporating a definite stop point into the design of the vial, preventing over tightening of the cap. SureStop Vials remove all doubt about the degree of tightening necessary for optimal sealing.

SureStop Vials offer a consistent seal, independent of the amount of torque applied when closing the vial whether by the same or different users. This gives optimal septum compression across the opening of the vial.

This design allows the positioning of the closure to be consistently aligned with the vial, producing a more cylindrical vial profile, which in turn improves autosampler recognition, handling and compatibility. SureStop Vials are compatible with the majority of autosamplers on the market.

In comparative studies with other 2ml vials, SureStop Vials provide the lowest solvent loss due to evaporation and the lowest standard deviation.