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LECO Corporation Announces Instrument Giveaway Program

LECO Corporation Announces Instrument Giveaway Program content piece image
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LECO Corporation wants to know what you can do with a benchtop GC-MS. As a result, the company will add a Pegasus® BT—at no cost—to one lucky laboratory.

“While quality demands for products are higher than ever before, resources like time and personnel remain limited,” says Lorne Fell, LECO’s Separation Science Product Manager. “Throughout our conversations with industry laboratory leaders, we have found that improving productivity is vital for success when it comes to sample analysis.”

LECO's Pegasus BT has been designed for efficiency right from the start. “Not only is the instrument easy to use, it also gathers comprehensive chemical data in every injection,” says Fell.  “The Pegasus BT also has the highest full scan sensitivity of any GC-MS system on the market today. All of this means laboratories are able to achieve excellent results from just one sample, often with less time preparing samples. The potential benefits to companies with a need to increase sample throughput are extensive.”

“There are very few strings attached with this award,” says Fell. “Anyone who has attended any of our recent webinars knows that our current collaborators are doing some amazing things with their instruments. Our goal is to identify that next big breakthrough application and help bring it to the forefront”.

Applications for the giveaway open on October 31st, 2021 and will be accepted until May 1st, 2022. The winner will be announced at ASMS 2022. The winner will be chosen by a LECO panel, which will decide which innovative application shows the most potential.

While the current giveaway will only be open to laboratories based in the US, LECO is hoping to expand the program internationally in the future as well.

To apply for the chance to receive the Pegasus BT in your lab, go to https://info.leco.com/free-bt and fill out the form on the webpage.