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Leica Microsystems Licenses Digital Pathology Patents from Olympus

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Leica Microsystems GmbH of Wetzlar, Germany and Olympus America Inc. have signed a nonexclusive worldwide licensing agreement allowing Leica to access an extensive portfolio of patents held by Olympus in the field of digital pathology and virtual microscopy.

The patents included in the licensing deal cover methods and equipment for creating, storing and delivering virtual microscopy slides. The technology enables individuals to view and share high-resolution virtual microscopy images over the Internet.

“We believe digital slide scanning will be the fastest growing segment in microscopy for years to come. This license agreement will enable us to further expand our offering in this space, and to provide our customers around the world with a complete solution from digital scanning of microscopy slides to the handling and management of digital pathology data,” said Stefan Traeger, Managing Director of Leica’s Life Science Division.

“We’ve seen interest in digital slide scanning grow rapidly over the past few years,” said Osamu Joji, Group Vice President and General Manager of Olympus America’s Scientific Equipment Group. “Olympus is the holder of these important patents, and we feel it is vital to allow broad access to these technologies in order to advance the field of pathology. Ultimately, we hope that implementing these technologies will help enhance healthcare for patients around the world.”