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Linear Motor Stages Set New Standard for Microscope Automation

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The Prior Scientific HLD117 series of linear stages for inverted research microscopes set new standards for convenience and top performance.

The HLD117 linear stages operate on a different principle from conventional stepper motor, ball screw based motorized stages. The HLD117 linear stage motor floats over a magnetic track, driving the x and y stages plates over precision bearing guides providing a near frictionless, ultra-smooth movement.

This method of movement allows a wide range of scanning speeds (1 µm/sec up to 300 mm/sec) to be achieved, making these stages suitable for a vast range of applications from rapid screening to detailed imaging.

Superb repeatability (±1.15 µm), high resolution (±0.05 µm) and exceptional accuracy (0.045 µm per mm of travel), along with 50 nm encoders as standard, make the HLD117 an excellent choice for advanced imaging techniques demanding the very best in precision and reliability.

Built for performance with unmatched acceleration rates and speeds, the HLD117 provides constant speeds with extremely low velocity ripple. This makes the HLD117 the best choice for either start/stop point to point imaging (e.g. a 96 well plate can be scanned in about 15 seconds).

Alternatively the HLD117 used with a Prior triggering board allows continuous motion and velocity controlled scanning applications. The combination of stage and ProScan® controller allows perfect synchronization between automation and imaging software.

Seamlessly integrating with other items such as micromanipulators and incubation chambers, the flat top surface of the stage is completely free of obstruction. This provides a highly ergonomic platform with exceptionally easy access to the sample area. The unmatched combination of performance and convenience offered by HLD117 stages makes them uniquely versatile.

Integration of HLD117 linear stages into existing imaging software could not be easier. These stages respond to the same command set as previous Prior stages allowing them to work with existing applications with little or no required software modifications.

For those starting from scratch, a comprehensive Software Development Kit is provided that makes integration with 3rd party software packages very straightforward.