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Magnetic Bead-Based DNA Extraction Kit

Magnetic Bead-Based DNA Extraction Kit     content piece image
Circulating cell free DNA.
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The cfPure® Cell Free DNA Extraction Kit from AMSBIO is a magnetic bead-based DNA extraction kit designed to isolate circulating cell free DNA (cfDNA) from human plasma or serum samples.

Using a quick, simple, and automation friendly protocol the kit allows users to quickly extract high quality cfDNA that is ready for use in downstream applications including next-generation sequencing, Bisulfite Sequencing, PCR, qPCR, ddPCR and other demanding applications. This optimized protocol gives highly reproducible results and higher yields relative to other magnetic bead-based methods.

Using silica-coated paramagnetic particles - cfPure® kits were developed to ensure efficient recovery of 100bp-500bp DNA fragments in order to maximize recovery of low molecular weight cell-free DNA. Designed for scalability (100 µl to 10 mL of serum or plasma), cfPure® kits enable you to use just the number of beads and amount of reagent that you need for your cfDNA extraction.

As well as being simple to use, scalable and easy to automate, cfPure® kits allow you to use less magnetic bead solution if you are purifying small amounts of plasma – saving you money. Since cfDNA is typically found at very low concentrations and in a fragmented state, very efficient DNA capture, as provided by cfPure® Cell Free DNA Extraction Kits, is vital to provide sensitive and reliable results.

For further information please visit https://www.amsbio.com/cfpure-cell-free-dna-extraction-kit/ or contact AMSBIO on +44-1235-828200 / +1-617-945-5033 / info@amsbio.com.

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