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Making the Right Choice for Your Aging NMR Instrument

ECZL NMR spectrometer
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As many legacy NMR instruments are no longer eligible for service from major players that have exited the space, members of the scientific community are faced with a choice: Keep their magnet and upgrade their console to the latest software or buy an entirely new system.

Upgrading an existing NMR console outfits the instrument with the latest technology and yields increase performance identical to that of a new system. Because the lifespan of a magnet far outlasts the console operating the instrument, this is a great way to save on costs and make full use of their magnet.

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“Replacing the console on the older NMR system is an affordable option to get the most out of existing NMR setup since one will have an opportunity to use newer probes, sample changers and modern applications,” shares Dr. Timothy Bergeron. “This will expand the range of NMR methods one can use and it will improve sample-to-sample throughput.”

Fortunately, JEOL is offering an NMR Console Upgrade Initiative, which offers discounted pricing for qualifying instruments. Those who are curious to learn if they qualify for the program can check out the digital NMR Console Upgrade Guide, available at www.jeolusa.com/NMRupgrade.