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MarqMetrix Releases the First Fiber-Coupled TouchRamanTM Probe

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MarqMetrix has introduced a fiber-coupled TouchRaman™ immersion contact probe. This the only immersion contact probe to use a patented spherical sapphire ball lens interface. The fiber interface, patented optics, exclusively sourced, high-grade sapphire lens and precision manufacturing allow for greatly reduced sampling variation, extreme durability and remarkable ease-of-use in an elegant and simple design.

This technology is taking Raman spectroscopy out of the laboratory or controlled environment and does not require a scientist to operate making it more accessible across several industries.

“MarqMetrix strives to make this technology accessible,” said Brian Marquardt, Chief Technology Officer. “We are making Raman simple enough for anyone to use and at a pricepoint not currently available.”

The Fiber BallProbe® is designed for use with a wide variety of spectrometers and laser sources, connected via standard multimode fiber patch cables. 

The short focal length enabled by the spherical optic allows for TouchRaman™— where users simply touch the probe to the sample— yielding highly reproducible sampling of liquids, solids, slurries, powders and heterogeneous mixtures. The simplicity of use allows non-specialists to collect high-quality data and eliminates user to user variation.

With the ability to take measurements in process, the Fiber BallProbe® is especially useful in continuous flow processing. Companies can be more efficient during the measurement process and mitigate issues much quicker.

“Our fiber-coupled BallProbe® is the latest evolution for MarqMetrix,” said Marquardt. “As we continue to evolve the technology, we believe mainstream applications on your cell phone are quite possible.”