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Metrohm Comprehensive Raman Library Update

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Metrohm is pleased to introduce the first significant update to the Metrohm Comprehensive Raman Library (MCRL). With over 20,000 compounds, the MCRL is the largest library available on any handheld Raman instrument. The MCRL simplifies material identification for customers in diverse industries and broadens applications for handheld and laboratory Raman. Newly implemented sub-libraries inside the MCRL increase identification accuracy by searching for compounds in a smaller data set. The MCRL is available on Metrohm MIRA XTR/MIRA DS, B&W Tek TacticID and i-Raman instruments.

An array of chemicals for every situation

With this update, sub-libraries are now available on all handheld instruments and the i-Raman laboratory instruments, allowing users to narrow their search for faster and more accurate identification. Six sub-libraries are available for individual purchase or included in the complete MCRL product.

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  • Inorganics and Organometallics
  • Dyes, Pigments and Stains
  • Organics
  • Personal Care Products
  • Polymers and Polymer Additives
  • Illicit and General Chemical Library

Comprehensive Identification

With over 20,000 entries, Metrohm offers the most comprehensive library for handheld Raman instruments. Furthermore, all library entries were collected on Metrohm instruments for use on Metrohm instruments.


“Metrohm built this library from the ground up with the final goal to make the largest and easiest-to-use library available for Raman users,” said Nancy Morris, CEO of Metrohm Spectro. “We continue to grow our library entries and focus on relevant sub-libraries to enable the application of Raman to more industries and customers.”