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Mettler Toledo Adds Two Easy-To-Use Technologies to its Silver Halide Fiberconduit™ Product Line

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The METTLER TOLEDO ReactIR™ has two new additions to the AgX FiberConduit™ sampling technologies product line - the Silver Halide (AgX) MultiplexIR and the new DS Series AgX fibers.

The AgX MultiplexIR is used exclusively on the ReactIR™ 45m reaction analysis system. With MutliplexIR, one chemist can run two different reactions at the same time, or two chemists can share a single ReactIR™. Plus, the fiber connection is easy to use with no need for fiber alignment or optimization.

The new DS Series AgX fibers are developed from years of experience with AgX fiber technology. The DS Series fiber assembly’s components are all independently serviceable.

In addition, the new FiberConduit™ probes contain an internal RTD element in the tip of the probe that allows the capturing of reaction temperature with each spectrum that is collected. This allows scientists to compare temperature trend data to the concentrations of key reactive species enabling for better understanding of their chemistry.

Another improvement is that the DS Series AgX design eliminates the need for any alignment by the user. This is truly a "plug and play" sampling technology with no specialized skills required to set up and use.

ReactIR™ has been vastly improved with these new technologies, and when coupled with the iC IR™ software the ReactIR™ is becoming the "must have" technology in every chemist’s fume hood.