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Multi-Experiment Flow System for Reaction Optimisation

Multi-Experiment Flow System for Reaction Optimisation content piece image
Credit: Uniqsis
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Flow chemistry in microreactors offers many advantages over batch processing notably better reproducibility and scalability, improved yields and fewer problems with unstable intermediates or exothermic reactions.

The FlowSyn Multi-X uses an enhanced FlowSyn control interface to control either a single or a 4-rack fraction collector thereby enabling a sequence of experiments to be performed without the need for a separate PC. Capable of running unattended, it will perform up to 10 sequential experiments and collect the results as fractions or steady state samples allowing the user to vary the key flow-through parameters (stoichiometry, temperature and residence time) in each case.

The entry-level FlowSyn Multi-X system is compact with an integrated controller enabling you to quickly explore or optimise reaction conditions. Setting up a series of experiments on this FlowSyn Multi-X system couldn’t be easier— just follow 3 simple steps. Firstly, set up a single ‘prototype’ reaction, then set up the fraction collector before selecting ‘Table View’ to edit individual experiments and then press ‘Start’ and walk-away.

The option of a Data Logging Software Package enables the FlowSyn Multi-X to both visualise data in real time and save pressure and temperature traces. Alternatively, you can select the powerful FlowControl II system control software which links via Wi-Fi and automatically saves complete experimental procedures with all data, including automation events. FlowControl II allows previous experiments to be reloaded and either viewed or repeated with or without modification.

To expand the capabilities of the FlowSyn Multi-X further - additional pumps and reactor modules can be added and sequences of up to 100 individual experiments can be performed.

Designed by a team of experienced flow chemists and engineers - FlowSyn Multi-X is based upon the internationally popular - FlowSyn - a fully integrated, easy to use continuous flow reactor for seamless reaction optimisation and scale up from milligrams to 100s of grams.

Uniqsis specialises in the design of meso-scale continuous flow chemistry systems for a wide range of applications in chemical and pharmaceutical research. The company’s aim is to make flow chemistry easily accessible to both novices and experienced users.