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Multi-Channel LED for Optimal Excitation of Flurophores

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The LEDs in the Lumen 1600 last at least 25,000 hours, and deliver evenly distributed, high intensity light for optimal excitation of fluorophores.

Incorporating 16 LEDs, covering the spectrum from 365 nm to 770 nm, the Lumen 1600 is an ideal illumination tool for work involving multiple fluorophores. Using an innovative four channel system that allows up to four distinct fluorophores can be excited simultaneously. These LED groupings allow the use of almost all stains used in multi-band combinations allowing great flexibility in experimental work.

Multiple pre-set modes are possible, from simple white light illumination to more advanced options with different intensities of individual LED emissions.  This flexibility makes the Lumen 1600 ideal for use by imaging facilities where multiple users with different requirements use the same equipment. Furthermore, the Lumen 1600 is suitable for use with almost all fluorophores used in research and is compatible with all commercially available double, triple and quadruple filters. Rapid switching between LED wavelengths enables capture of high speed events. Light is delivered to the microscope via a light guide ensuring that any vibration or heat isolated from the samples. The Lumen 1600 is an environmentally friendly (mercury-free) illumination system.