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Multistream Fermentation Process Monitor

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The new compact version of the Hiden Biostream gas composition monitor, the QIC Biostream-C, enables automated monitoring of up to 80 independent gas streams yet has a footprint of just 0.35 square metres.

Capable of analyzing gas streams with flow rates from 4mL/min up to 10L/min, the system is suited to diverse application areas including fermentation off-gas analysis and biogas and bio-enzyme production monitoring.

Analysis is provided by the integrated Hiden quadrupole mass spectrometer with triple-mass filter for optimum stability, sensitivity and up-time longevity. The Proteus rotary stream selector valve utilizes leak-tight self-compensating face seals with zero cross-talk between the selected and non-selected inputs. A direct-drive microstepping motor ensures fast actuation with typical feed-line switching times of less than a second.

Operation is fully automated, with manual override giving access to all system performance and timing functions. The system can be bench mounted or free-standing, and the Proteus valve sub-module mounted remotely if preferred.