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New Agilent Technologies Flash Purification System Speeds Separations with Faster Setup, Easy Operation

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Agilent Technologies, Inc. has introduced the Agilent 971-FP Flash Purification System, a personal flash chromatography instrument for pharmaceutical chemists, offering very fast, easy and secure purification of new synthetic compounds.

The instrument features a new software interface designed for easy operation and tracking of samples. The “Guide Me” wizard simplifies setup and eliminates a great deal of tedious method development. The “Six-Clicks” touch-screen dialog makes separations even more convenient, simplifying a previously cumbersome procedure.

The new system enables chemists to use thin layer chromatography results to optimize flash methods. It even allows them to make changes mid-run, further minimizing method development time.

The Agilent 971-FP system is designed to achieve maximum recovery and purity of milligrams through tens of grams of target compound in minutes. Several instrument features are designed to secure recovery of precious samples.

The instrument’s pulsed Xenon lamp reduces warm-up time by approximately 10 minutes compared to standard UV detectors, increasing productivity. The unique bubble detector reduces solvent priming time to further speed analysis.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer pharmaceutical chemists the same level of quality and support in flash chromatography that Agilent is known for in analytical liquid and gas chromatography,” said Helmut Schulenberg-Schell, Agilent marketing manager, Liquid Phase Separations Division. “This is an excellent addition to our portfolio of drug-discovery tools.”