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New Application-Specific LC System to Precisely Deliver High-Purity Products or Isolation of Contaminants

The Thermo Scientific Vanquish Analytical Purification LC system
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The new Vanquish Analytical Purification LC system combines the separation power of analytical LC with precise fractionation to generate high-purity products or for the isolation of contaminants. Moreover, with the introduction of the new integrated Vanquish Fraction Collector, a wide application range is covered, giving all users precision in purification across their whole analytical workflow.

Biopharma laboratories can now accurately fractionate with high recovery and low carry-over, with additional automation features that will allow researchers to focus on success in their process results instead of handling the tool. “We have two Vanquish Fraction Collectors and are running them 24/7 right now. No matter the fraction size, it is fractionated and afterwards reanalyzed. The team is thrilled, and these fraction collectors are running robustly with no errors,” said Dr. Alexander Schwenger, Senior Manager Analytical Development for CureVac AG, Germany.

“Biopharmaceutical laboratories working at the forefront of new drug development require detailed characterization of impurities. The superior user experience and separation performance of our award-winning Vanquish LC product line, with the addition of the new Vanquish Fraction Collector, enable researchers to isolate and purify compounds right after their analytical separation,” said Kent Davidson, vice president and general manager, high performance chromatography solutions, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “With our broad range of high-quality chromatographic consumables, our customers can be confident that sample integrity will be preserved throughout their analytical workflow. Our products can dramatically accelerate the science to get new life-saving drugs to the patient.”

Key Applications:

Isolation of impurities or purification of active substances (antibodies, proteins, protein fragments, oligonucleotides, mRNA reagents, traditional medicines and natural products)


  • Superior user experience with smart features and full fraction collector integration into the Vanquish platform under Thermo Scientific Chromeleon Chromatography Data system control
  • Wide application flexibility supports a broad flow range from 0.05–10 mL/min and a wide variety of sample containers
  • Compelling fraction purity performance using innovative valve technology for enhanced resolution, product recovery, and minimized carry-over
  • Preserved sample integrity through fail-safe vessel rack recognition, precise fractionation movement, and controlled sample storage
  • Optimal system setup with Viper Fingertight fittings and automated delay volume determination
  • Confident biological sample processing through full system biocompatibility