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New Clarity® Columns Refine RP and IEX Chromatographic Analysis of Synthetic Oligonucleotides

New Clarity® Columns Refine RP and IEX Chromatographic Analysis of Synthetic Oligonucleotides content piece image
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Joining the company’s Clarity BioSolutions portfolio are Clarity Oligo-XT, for high-efficiency reversed-phase LC analysis and purification, and Clarity Oligo-SAX, a high-resolution strong anion exchanger (SAX) for characterization. Phenomenex Clarity BioSolutions, first introduced almost a decade ago, are used in pharmaceutical labs and contract research organizations (CROs) where synthetic oligonucleotide-based therapeutics are being developed and tested, as well as in the labs of custom oligonucleotide and nucleic acid manufacturers. Synthetic oligonucleotides are growing in popularity as novel agents for the treatment of disease, and liquid chromatography continues to be an effective tool for characterization, with technology advancements that address improvements in resolution, throughput and column lifetime.  

The new Clarity Oligo-XT C18 columns feature novel and robust core-shell media, for high-efficiency reversed-phase characterization of synthetic DNA and RNA, pH stability from 1 to 12 and increased sensitivity that improves quantitation by mass spectrometry (MS). These core-shell particles deliver the separation power necessary to accurately resolve closely related synthetic oligonucleotide sequences. Clarity Oligo-XT columns are available in directly scalable 1.7µm, 2.6µm and 5µm particle sizes that enable easy method transfer between analytical HPLC/UHPLC instrumentation and preparative purifications systems. The 5µm particle is available in Phenomenex’s patented Axia-packed preparative columns that increase purification performance.

The Clarity Oligo-SAX columns feature an entirely new, rugged non-porous particle that retains synthetic oligonucleotides through strong ion exchange mechanisms, adding a robust strong anion exchanger choice with improved column lifetimes to the Clarity family. These quaternary amine functionalized, nonporous particles are engineered for performance at high pH (2.5 to 12.5) and temperatures up to 85 ˚C and are provided in 5µm particle size for analytical characterization.

“Our synthetic oligonucleotide characterization products are solution-based and have been developed to meet our customers’ evolving needs,” said Simon Lomas, strategic marketing manager for Phenomenex. “The Oligo-XT and Oligo-SAX columns allow customers to capitalize on both reversed-phase and ion exchange chromatography to get greater separation, faster analyses and extended column lifetimes.”

Phenomenex’s Clarity BioSolutions product portfolio delivers purified synthetic oligonucleotides in a range of formats and scales to meet the specific demands of the industry. From simple desalting, to rapid isolation of oligonucleotide therapeutics from biological samples, to high-throughput, high-purity purification techniques, the Clarity BioSolutions portfolio offers a comprehensive approach.


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