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New Fully Automated Online Sample Prep Module Enables 24/7 LCMS Capability for Improved Laboratory Efficiency

A mass spectrometer.
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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces the CLAM™-2040 fully automated online sample preparation module for LCMS analysis. This system is designed to improve overall efficiency of biological sample preparation and analysis by reducing manual operations, saving time and expense. Process automation enables users to conduct LCMS analyses around the clock, even on weekends. Operating the system requires no technical know-how, and analysis start-up is straightforward and fast due to ease of use. In addition, the fully automated sample preparation prevents operator errors and ensures reproducible sample results.

The CLAM-2040 module automatically performs all processes necessary for analyzing biological samples, including sample and reagent pipetting, mixing, heating, vacuum filtration and transferring the extracted sample to the LCMS system autosampler.

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This system can prepare up to three samples simultaneously. While manual or semi-automated sample extraction will deliver one result every 12 to 60 minutes, the CLAM-2040 module and LCMS can deliver up to one result every 2.6 minutes under optimized conditions. Users can add samples and consumables continuously and have the option to submit priority analysis requests for urgent (STAT) samples without batch disruption.

Users have the flexibility to use pre-existing, dedicated assays or to create their own. The LCMS configuration is customizable for future upgrades. High-resolution LCMS is also available via quadrupole time-of-flight (Q-TOF) mass spectrometry to facilitate large screenings.

The CLAM-2040 is optimized to be user-friendly and safe. The LCD touchscreen allows for rapid control through the dedicated user-oriented software. Containers for liquid waste and filter waste reduce the infection risk and ensure operator safety. Easy access to all system automated parts, consumables and waste also facilitates easy maintenance over time.