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New Gather-X Windowless EDS from JEOL Answers the Need for Higher Sensitivity and Low-Energy X-Ray Detection in SEM

New Gather-X Windowless EDS from JEOL Answers the Need for Higher Sensitivity and Low-Energy X-Ray Detection in SEM content piece image
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JEOL introduces its latest Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS), the Gather-X. This new windowless EDS answers the need for higher sensitivity and low-energy X-Ray detection in the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). It can collect the entire EDS range produced from the IT800 series Field Emission SEMs including low-energy X-rays down to Lithium.

It is fully embedded in JEOL’s latest SEM Center software with Live Analysis and can be run in combination with a standard JEOL EDS. The new windowless EDS will be demonstrated on the company’s flagship SEM, The IT800, at M&M 2022.

Gather-X, a windowless EDS for the JEOL IT800 series FE SEM features:

  • Improved detection sensitivity for characteristic X-rays less than 1 keV and the ability to detect soft X-ray regions less than 100eV (Li-K). The unique electron trap design enables collection of the entire EDS range at beam voltages up to 30kV.
  • A racetrack-shaped detector that allows insertion at very short working distances while maintaining a large solid angle for efficient collection of high spatial resolution EDS maps.  Higher count rates allow for fast collection times, minimizing potential beam damage with sensitive specimens.
  • Full integration into the new SEM operating system, allowing for safe operation at short working distances for high spatial resolution, low-energy conditions typical for Ultrahigh resolution SEMs.

The JEOL IT800 series SEM with the addition of Gather-X is designed for unprecedented ease-of-use, high-sensitivity, and spatial resolution.  Gather-X operation is embedded within the SEM Center software for Live (Real-Time) display of EDS spectrum or maps with SEM imaging.  High sensitivity, low energy X-ray observation is done in Real-Time.  This smart-flexible-powerful Scanning Electron Microscope system delivers the highest level of intelligent technology for the most versatile high-resolution, analytical FE SEM available today.