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New-generation Analytical Platform Accelerates Analysis of Trace Elements for Routine Laboratory Applications

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Scientists may no longer need to limit routine trace element analysis workflow productivity with the launch of a new series of inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) instruments for food and beverage, consumer safety, industrial, environmental and pharmaceutical laboratories.

The Thermo Scientific iCAP PRO Series ICP-OES platform is designed to provide a fast, sensitive range of trace element analysis solutions capable of capturing the complete spectrum of high matrix samples in a single run, improving workflow productivity and reducing analysis costs. From standby to start-up in just five minutes, the new instruments reduce gas consumption within a vertical dual-purged optical pathway interface that has lower installation requirements due to its standard wall socket and low extraction flow rate.

"The analysis of trace elements in high matrix samples is essential for laboratory teams across a number of sectors to assure the quality, consistency and safety of products and the environment we live in, but it traditionally presents acute analytical and resource challenges that limit routine deployment," said Adrian Holley, director, product marketing, trace element analysis, chromatography and mass spectrometry, Thermo Fisher Scientific. "The launch of the iCAP PRO Series ICP-OES platform helps laboratories bypass traditional sample preparation requirements and the need to undertake multiple measurements, providing a range of trace element analysis solutions that enhance workflow productivity and reduce cost-per-sample."

Mike Dudley, laboratory supervisor, fluid analysis laboratory, Carter Machinery Company, a producer of lubricants for engines and other mechanical purposes, said, "We have been running the iCAP PRO Series ICP-OES platform for several weeks and are very pleased. We have reduced our run time by 36%. Our numbers are looking great, and my team is delighted with its performance."

Laboratories using the iCAP PRO Series ICP-OES instruments will also benefit by:

  • Reducing the number of measurements per run to obtain a complete spectrum through the combination of a single optical slit and a charge injection device detector, delivering increased analysis speeds and readout in a reduced time frame. 

  • Maximizing instrument uptime with fast start-up, making analysis possible after just five minutes. 

  • Minimal recalibration of the instrument as a result of highly stable optics and polychromator.