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New LabRAM Odyssey Is Fully Automated and Ideally Suited for Both Micro and Macro Measurements

LabRAM Odyssey microscope, a fully automated and remotely controllable system.
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HORIBA Scientific, announces the new LabRAM Odyssey, a fully automated and remotely controllable system.

The LabRAM Odyssey replaces the best seller LabRAM HR Evolution. Developed on the same platform, the LabRAM Odyssey is now more user friendly and offers new functionalities, advanced confocal imaging capabilities in 2D and 3D, and is fully compliant with all market requirements.

The large dedicated application range in the LabSpec 6 software suite makes it possible to configure the software to suit and evolve for specific needs. Along with the unique SWIFT™ and DuoScan™ fast Raman imaging technologies, the LabRAM Odyssey also integrates two new calibration tools: VRM and Objective Adjustment.

  • VRM (Video-Raman Matching) ensures a perfect match between the video image and the Raman map locations. Such calibration is essential for correlating optical images with the chemical images obtained by Raman microscopy.
  • Objective Adjustment allows you to keep your region of interest in the field of view with whichever objective you use, simply by adjusting the sample position in XYZ directions.

The LabRAM Odyssey can also be configured to enable semiconductor process engineers to qualify the different steps in a timely manner, with a high level of confidence. The LabRAM Odyssey Semiconductor is the ideal tool for photoluminescence and Raman imaging on wafers up to 300 mm diameter with its 300 mm × 300 mm automated sample stage and its automated objective turret. It offers a high spatial resolution mode to detect and identify defects and submicron inhomogeneities to understand and give insight about their origin. 

The LabRAM Odyssey Semiconductor includes the DuoScan imaging function to permit both variable size laser macrospots for full wafer maps and high spatial submicron step scanning for small area maps. The range of available excitation lasers, combined with a wide range of spectral detection, from deep UV to near IR, makes the LabRAM Odyssey Semiconductor system a two-in-one Raman and Photoluminescence spectroscopy tool. The “Tilt at midway” autofocus function overcomes possible sample/holder tilt and ensures reliability in uniformity response.