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New LCMS-9050 Q-TOF LCMS Delivers Exceptional Mass Accuracy and Fast, Stable Polarity Switching

Shimadzu’s quadrupole Time-of-Flight (Q-TOF) mass spectrometer system
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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduces the LCMS-9050 Quadrupole Time-of-Flight (Q-TOF) mass spectrometer system. Building upon the innovative technologies developed for the widely used Shimadzu LCMS series models, the LCMS-9050 provides the highest mass accuracy levels available and fast polarity switching. It also supports many optional accessories and products for a wide range of applications. 

The LCMS-9050 system is equipped with a high-precision temperature control system that inhibits even tiny mass variations caused by external factors. Therefore, analysts can use the system to measure accurate mass values without having to invest extended time and effort in mass calibration.

To enable fast, stable polarity switching, the LCMS-9050 features a precisely temperature-controlled electrical system and Shimadzu’s patent-pending UFstabilization™ algorithm. The system generates consistent mass accuracy values, even when samples are analyzed successively in both positive and negative ion modes. This significantly reduces the time required for stabilization and analysis. It thus improves analytical throughput and enables the identification of compounds with higher accuracy.

LabSolutions Insight Explore™ software manages and processes data on the LCMS-9050 system. It enables library searching, structural analysis, composition estimation, multivalent ion analysis, and quantitative analysis of target compounds. The software organizes and presents analysis results clearly on one easy-to-read screen.

A wide variety of optional products are available to enhance the LCMS-9050 system and broaden its capabilities, such as Shimadzu’s:

  • Nexera UC Supercritical Fluid Extraction/Chromatograph System that uses a supercritical fluid to automatically extract and separate target components and analyze samples faster, with higher separation and sensitivity than HPLC.
  • Nexera Mikros Micro Flowrate Range LCMS System that is optimized for low flowrates and higher sensitivity for comprehensive analysis of trace components.

Because the LCMS-9050 system reduces mobile phase and sample consumption by 25%, it is certified as a Shimadzu Eco-Products Plus instrument, an environmentally conscious product.