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New Phenomenex Dual-Membrane Syringe Filters Provide Heavy-Duty Sample Clarification

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Phenomenex Inc., introduces the Phenex™-GF/NY dual-membrane syringe filter for viscous, particulate-laden samples. The new filter incorporates a glass layer, through which the sample passes first for elimination of heavy particulates, increasing the effectiveness of the second, nylon fiber membrane.

By removing particulates from the sample, the syringe filter prevents buildup and blockage of chromatography columns and frits while minimizing wear and tear on injection valves. Proper sample filtration can ultimately reduce system downtime and component replacement.

Ideal for any applications with highly viscous or heavily particulate-laden samples, such as foods, biological fluids, soil and fermentation broths, Phenex-GF/NY performs at higher capacity than nylon-only filters, and requires less hand pressure to filter the sample. Phenex syringe filters are optimized for superior flow rates and high throughput. Target applications include food and beverage and environmental testing.

“These new Phenex filters are part of our growing line of chromatography accessories,” commented J.T. Presley, brand manager for Phenomenex. They offer a convenient and inexpensive way to clarify samples for peace of mind, extended column and system lifetime and improved analytical results.”