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New Phenomenex Web Tool Creates SPE Methods in Seconds

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Phenomenex Inc., has introduced the Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Method Development Tool - a fast online resource. This tool develops methods across a variety of sample matrices and compounds, enabling users to improve analyte concentration and detector response.

The researcher enters the name of the analytical target or selects “proprietary” to develop a method based on the chemical characteristics of the analyte.

The Phenomenex SPE Method Development Tool, which can be accessed at www.phenomenex.com/info/MDTOOL, produces customized methods in less than one minute, with options to save, print or e-mail to a colleague. Users can also view an alternative method, if desired.

“The use of SPE is on the rise in many industries because cleaner samples increase column life and provide increased sensitivity with fewer interferences,” explains Erica Pike, brand manager for Phenomenex. “Researchers are continually developing new and revised methods, and we have already developed more than 700 using this tool.”

The scalable methods provided with this new tool take advantage of the Phenomenex Strata™-X polymer-based and Strata® silica-based sorbents. Pretreatment recommendations for a variety of sample matrices are also provided.