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New Preparative LC Pump Supports Easy Scale Up and Increases Productivity and Quality

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The wide flow rate range (0.01 - 150mL/min) with high pressure tolerance (6,000 psi up to 100mL/min and 4,350 psi up to 150mL/min) makes it possible to use 50mmID x 250mmL 5um-particle size columns to achieve high-resolution and high-efficiency purification, and improve productivity by five to ten times over the previous models. The flow rate accuracy and precision were drastically improved by minimizing dead volume in the pump heads and using higher resolution micro-stepping motor control so that the pump can be used at an analytical flow rate range, such as 1mL/min, with high reliability.

Overall productivity and quality of the purification has also been greatly improved. If configured as an analytical/prep system, a user can develop a method at analytical scale then immediately convert the method for prep scale. Shimadzu provides a tool to easily convert methods between analytical and prep for support customers. In addition, the LC-20AP pump can be used with Open Solution automated prep LC/MS software, which allows researchers to purify their compounds by simplifying the workflow in a walk-up environment.

Shimadzu has also responded to environmental concerns. LC-20AP consumes 40% less energy in comparison with the previous model thanks to a newly designed high-efficiency power supply and motor control electronics. This makes the product more ecological.