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New Probes and Fixtures from Axiom Analytical

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Axiom Analytical, Inc. has announced the introduction of its FC Series components for user-configurable spectroscopic transmission sampling systems. The key elements of the new series are the FCP-300 Optical Probes.

These probes can be combined with either off-the-shelf Swagelok™ components or one of Axiom’s FCF Flow Fixtures to configure near-infrared (NIR) or UV-visible transmission cells having pathlengths ranging from 2 mm (for liquid analysis) to over 2 meters (for gas analysis).

FCP-300 probes employ robust construction combined with Axiom’s proprietary welded metal sealing technology, enabling them to withstand widely varying chemical conditions, high pressures, and extremes of both high and low temperature.

Each probe is sealed, evacuated, and backfilled with high grade nitrogen, preventing contamination as well as condensation within the probe at low temperatures.

As a result, spectroscopic sampling systems employing FC Series components can be deployed in virtually any environment including out of doors under sub-zero conditions.