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New qPCR Master Mixes May Shorten the Path From Discovery to Commercialization

TaqMan™ 2.5X Lyo-Ready 1-step qPCR Master Mix kit
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Applied Biosystems has introduced the TaqMan™ 2.5X Lyo-Ready 1-step qPCR Master Mix with excipient, an optimized, ready-to-use formulation to be incorporated into a lyophilization process. All lots are functionally tested to help ensure lot-to-lot reproducibility. This reagent is manufactured in an ISO 13485-certified facility to a high level of quality standards. Lyophilization guidelines provided together with the product will help to ensure a fast and reliable switch from liquid to lyophilized form.

Those who are new to lyophilization may struggle to find a suitable excipient and protocol for their qPCR-based assays. The TaqMan™ Lyo-Ready Master Mixes are optimized for consistent performance prior and post lyophilization and include guidelines to support molecular diagnostic kit manufacturers – intended to help shorten the path to commercialization.

“The lyophilization phase can be a challenging part of any workflow to navigate, even for those with experience,” said Kathy Latham, Senior Director, qPCR Reagents at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Our Lyo-Ready Master Mixes take the guess work out of choosing an excipient and provide consistent performance. Taken together, we believe this will help our customers shorten the path from an idea to a commercial lyophilized product.”

Key Applications:

Development and production of qPCR-based molecular products


  • Fast, simplified workflow: Cuts down time and cost through the development of robust lyophilization protocols by 50%.
  • Precision performance: Lyo-Ready Master Mixes are optimized for consistent, trustworthy performance before and after lyophilization.
  • Tolerant to challenging conditions: Compatible with purified samples and crude lysates found in biopharmaceutical, molecular diagnostic, and research applications