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New Sinocompound Manufacturing Plant To Increase Capacity 10-Fold

New Sinocompound Manufacturing Plant To Increase Capacity 10-Fold content piece image
Credit: Sinocompound Catalysts
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Sinocompound Catalysts Co., Ltd., has announced the construction of a new production plant in Tongling, Anhui Province, China.

With a footprint of 65,000 m2, the new site has been designed from the ground up to accommodate increasing demand while also increasing efficiency, ensuring fast turnaround and the highest product quality. New automation workflows and equipment are being installed throughout the site, which will see an annual production capacity of 50 tons of catalysts and ligands, and 2 tons of high-purity chemical and metal recycling. The Tongling plant is the result of an investment of 20 million USD and is due to open in September 2021.

Over the last 10-15 years, China has introduced strict requirements in environment, health and safety (EHS) and the new Tongling plant will enable Sinocompound to exceed the new standards. In addition to strengthening quality controls and improving efficiency, the new automation will aid in the collection of wastewater and waste gas data required to comply with the new regulations.

Richard Qi, CEO, Sinocompound, said, “With an ever-increasing demand for high quality catalysts and ligands, Sinocompound has outgrown our previous production facilities. The new plant will not only ensure we can continue manufacturing without limitation but by designing the facility from scratch and through investment in automation, we will further enhance our quality, efficiency, safety and environmental commitments.”

Gerard Compagnoni, Business Development Advisor, Sinocompound, added, “Flexibility and speed of response is core to everything we do at Sinocompound. With increased pilot scale and production capacities, we will be able to shorten the time it takes to bring new products to market and ensure a rapid turnaround of high-quality products for our customers.”

Metal recycling will also be available at the Tongling plant. Many homogeneous catalysts contain expensive metals such as palladium or rhodium and increasingly customers are looking to reduce their hazardous waste disposal and recover the metal by returning spent catalysts for recycling and future reuse. Sinocompound believes this will be of particular interest to Western customers who have contract manufacturing partners in China.