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New Standards for SEM Calibration

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EM Resolutions has announced new standards for SEM calibration – the EM-Tec MCS Series.

EM Resolutions has extended its range of resolution and magnification standards for SEM with the introduction of the EM-Tec MCS and M series of magnification calibration standards. These fully featured practical calibration standards have been specially developed for magnification calibration or critical dimension measurements in table top SEM, standard SEM, FEGSEM, FIB, Auger, SIMS and reflected light microscope systems.

The EM-Tec MCS series are made using the latest MEMS manufacturing techniques with high contrast chromium deposited lines for the larger features and gold over chromium for the smaller features below 2.5 µm. This ensures optimum signal to noise ratio for calibration purposes.

The MCS-1 has a scale ranging from 2.5 mm to 1 µm and is ideal for table top and compact SEMs, covering 10 to 20,000 x magnifications. The MCS-0.1 scale covers a wider range from 2.5 mm down to 100 nm, especially useful for 10 to 200,000 x in SEM, FEGSEM and FIB systems.

The M-10 calibration standard has a grid pattern etched in the surface of an ultra-flat Si substrate and provides a simple yet practical tool for magnification calibration and image distortion assessments. The M-10 with a 10 µm pitch grid pattern is intended for 100 to 1000 x magnification.

Both the MCS and M calibration standards are supplied with certificates of traceability. The MCS series has the option of an individual certificate of calibration. The MCS-0.1 calibration standard is an excellent replacement for the discontinued SIRA calibration standard with added advantages.

These standards can also be supplied as part of our multi standard range. The commonly used “Gold on Carbon” and “Tin on Carbon” resolution standards can be combined on a stub of users choice with MCS or M series standards for quick and easy coverage of all the commonly used SEM calibrations.