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New Thermo Scientific™ Aquanex™ Ultrapure Water Purification System Sets New Standard

Thermo Scientific™ Aquanex™ Ultrapure Water Purification System.
Credit: Thermo Fisher.
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Water purity is the foundation of scientific research across a variety of applications, including organic carbon analysis, spectroscopy, proteomics, and pharmacology, among others. However, without the assurance of pure water quality, the accuracy of these experiments is in question. To deliver reliable water purity and streamline equipment operation in the lab, Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched the Thermo Scientific™ Aquanex™ Ultrapure Water Purification System, providing convenience and flexibility for lab personnel.

The Aquanex system offers two-point calibration and smart dispensing to deliver better accuracy and reproducibility for water purification, including a standard leak detection sensor and maximum flow rate greater than 1.5 L/min. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the intuitive, full-color touchscreen display and Thermo Scientific™ Aquanex™ Touch Smart Dispenser allow operators to clearly view key parameters such as water quality, tank level and dispensing options. Researchers can also remove the Touch Smart Dispenser from its stand to fill larger containers up to 10 feet away and can easily operate the equipment from a distance.

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“The intelligent Aquanex system provides reliable performance to meet the purification needs of a range of industries” said Denzil Vaughn, Vice President and General Manager, Growth, Protection, and Separation at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “The easy maintenance and self-service design enable lab personnel to spend less time trouble shooting equipment and more time advancing scientific research.”

The Aquanex system meets the purification needs for Type I ultrapure and Type II pure water across a range of industries, including the analytical sciences (chromatography, spectroscopy, and total organic carbon analysis) and life sciences (genomics and cell/tissue culture, proteomics and immunology, pharmacology and drug discovery, and molecular biology and microbiology).