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Next-Generation EnFocus Intraoperative OCT Built into Microscopes

Credit: Leica Microsystems

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Leica Microsystems today announced the release of its next-generation EnFocus intraoperative Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) solution, which is now built into the Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope. This new addition to its innovative ophthalmology portfolio has been developed to support surgical workflow and help ophthalmic surgeons to focus on perfection during anterior and posterior segment surgery.

EnFocus OCT provides greater insight during eye surgeries, allowing surgeons to see what lies underneath the surface. They get a real-time, intraoperative confirmation of how the tissue reacts to surgical maneuvers. Subsurface tissue details hidden without OCT are now displayed in bright and sharp images and allow for a better understanding of ocular pathology. This in turn helps surgeons to overcome uncertainties during eye surgeries in order to achieve the best possible patient outcome. EnFocus intraoperative OCT can help answer questions, such as:  Is there residual sub-retinal fluid? Is the glaucoma drainage device in the correct position? Is the corneal graft in the correct orientation?

Based on the additional information from intraoperative OCT, surgical plans can be quickly adjusted as is needed for confidence in the surgical outcome. “Having confirmation at every step during surgery is a huge advantage and helps enormously in surgical decision making and diagnosis,” said Dr. Barbara Parolini, Eyecare Clinic Brescia, Italy. “In my experience, intraoperative OCT makes the difference between compromise and perfection.”

“With our next-generation EnFocus intraoperative OCT built into the Proveo 8, Leica Microsystems helps ophthalmic surgeons to apply their skills with even greater confidence during eye surgeries. EnFocus provides surgeons with greater insight and immediate confirmation, which empowers them to focus on perfection. This is an important contribution to surgical procedures, especially in difficult cases where the goal is to restore or improve vision in patients with chronic or severe eye diseases," said Markus Lusser, President of Leica Microsystems.

The integration of the EnFocus into the Proveo 8 microscope further supports the surgical workflow in the operating room. “A key benefit of the integration is that we have maximized the surgeons' freedom to control the OCT. Surgeons can easily supplement their microscope view with intraoperative OCT at any point via footswitch, handle or touchscreen. There is no need for a separate imaging technician anymore. With our intuitive user interface surgeons can easily control all OCT functions independently. They can switch views, adjust the scan position and pattern, or record OCT scans” said Maxim Mamin, Vice President of the Medical Division at Leica Microsystems.