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Novel System for High Pressure Reaction Screening

Novel System for High Pressure Reaction Screening content piece image
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Asynt has developed a novel high-pressure reactor array that integrates directly with their Integrity 10 Reaction Station, enabling scientists to undertake up to 10 independently pressurized reactions (up to 100 barg) in parallel.

The Integrity 10 Reaction Station is designed to carry out parallel reactions, each with independent temperature control between -30 °C and +150 °C, making it perfect for Design of Experiments (DoE) testing. In chemical development, DoE protocols have become a reference method to speed up reaction optimization, since it allows the assessment of a large number of reaction parameters through a small number of experiments.

Integration of the new high-pressure reactor array module aims to enable scientists to run a mix of reactions simultaneously, with each experiment conducted under different conditions. This could extend the utility of the Integrity 10 reaction station, maximize efficiency and save precious fume hood space.  Manufactured as standard from durable 316 Stainless Steel - Asynt is also able to fabricate the system from exotic alloys such as Hastelloy or Inconel. 

The Integrity 10 reaction station aims to allow scientists to design automated reaction profiles for each individual experiment; with variations in temperature, pressure, stirring and time possible. All data is captured and recorded electronically and stored automatically.