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OGT to Premiere SureSeq™ Myeloid MRD Panel for AML Disease Monitoring at AMP

SureSeq™ Myeloid MRD Panel box.
Credit: OGT.
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OGT, A Sysmex Group Company, will showcase its soon to be launched SureSeq™ Myeloid MRD Panel at booth #1423 at the Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo, 14-18th November in Salt Lake City. The Next-generation sequencing (NGS) panel represents a substantial improvement on conventional flow cytometry and qPCR methods of detecting measurable residual disease (MRD) in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) samples—providing outstanding sensitivity and coverage uniformity in one rapid and cost-effective assay. Developed in collaboration with leading cancer experts and in accordance with European LeukemiaNet (ELN) and National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) recommendations, this panel offers an advanced solution for assessing MRD in AML samples.

MRD is an important biomarker for AML, and one of the strongest independent assessments for prognosis, monitoring, and treatment-response assessments. As such, MRD offers significant value in guiding risk-adapted therapies in clinical trials. The SureSeq Myeloid MRD Panel is tailored to meet the unique challenges of MRD detection in AML research. By combining exceptional coverage uniformity with a focused, expert-led panel design, the Myeloid MRD panel has been developed to detect variants at frequencies as low as 0.05% allele frequency with confidence, with exceptional performance even in challenging targets such as NPM1, CEBPA, and FLT3 internal tandem duplications (ITDs).

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Adrian Smith, Chief Executive Officer at OGT, commented, "We collaborated closely with leading cancer experts to develop a solution that combines class-leading sensitivity, cost-efficiency, and customizability. Our streamlined SureSeq workflow will enable researchers to perform rapid, comprehensive MRD analysis of mutations in myeloid samples to inform the development of future therapeutic treatments. We’re excited to be premiering this latest addition to our SureSeq portfolio at the upcoming AMP meeting where our customers will share their data and their experience of using this cutting-edge panel.”

Attendees of AMP 2023 can get a first look at the SureSeq Myeloid MRD Panel at booth #1423 and hear expert speakers, including Klaus H. Metzeler, MD, University of Leipzig, share their latest data and experiences in a workshop titled “Enhance your myeloid malignancy research with OGT’s SureSeq NGS panels for MRD detection in Acute Myeloid Leukemia” on Wednesday, November 15th, 1:00pm-1:50pm in room 251A.

In addition, visitors can find out more about the broader myeloid portfolio, including SureSeq Core MPN, SureSeq Pan-Myeloid, and SureSeq Myeloid Fusion Panels from specialists on the booth, as well as take part in “Meet our experts” sessions with MRD research experts and OGT Field Application Scientists on Thursday, November 16th, 3:45pm-4:45pm and Friday, November 17th, 3:00pm-4:00pm.