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Optimize Your Automated PCR in Real Time

Optimize Your Automated PCR in Real Time content piece image
Credit: Belova59/ Pixabay
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Delivering the correct volume of master mix has a significant impact on the quality of qPCR test results.  When running automated PCR assays, laboratories have not had an efficient means of tuning in their liquid handlers to ensure correct test volumes.

Now there is an answer:  Artel is helping labs ensure reliable and optimized delivery of master mix with the introduction of PCR Mix – a solution which emulates the liquid handling characteristics of commercially available master mixes, allowing fast and accurate workflow set-up and specific liquid class optimization.  Use of PCR Mix significantly reduces the time, waste, expense and inconsistent/incorrect results which have hindered optimizing automated liquid handler performance.

PCR Mix is used with the Artel MVS which is compatible with virtually all automated liquid handling systems and multichannel pipettes.  The MVS is depended on in laboratories globally for rapid optimization of liquid handing processes – including volume verification, compliance-required calibration, liquid class optimization, multi-channel pipette operator training - with high precision, accuracy and speed.

“Our objective is to help our laboratory partners find routes to obtaining great test results, sooner and with less expense”, says Melinda Gold, Artel Product Manager.  “And with the development of PCR Mix, to be available October 1st, we are providing another valuable tool”.