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Optimized Degassers for GPC Applications

The DEGASi® PLUS GPC on a yellow background.
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Biotech Fluidics has announced the highly efficient degassers optimized for Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) applications – the DEGASi Plus GPC and  DEGASi Plus GPC Semi-Prep.


When pressure or temperature changes in a liquid chromatography system, gas molecules can form bubbles, affecting the accuracy, precision and performance of the equipment. Using an online degasser is a trusted technique for removing dissolved gases from the fluid stream. Proven to prevent bubble formation, online degassers reduce noise and improve baseline stability thereby ensuring more consistent results. However, many degassers struggle to withstand and produce optimum results from GPC applications that use 100% organic solvents.


To solve this challenge, Biotech Fluidics created the DEGASi Plus GPC and DEGASi Plus GPC Semi-Prep. These unique high-performance degassers can be used with all common organic solvents, including hexane and chlorinated solvents, by stenting the degasser membrane. This secure internal connection in the fluidic line is vital for effective degassing of GPC and straight phase separations that use 100 % organic solvents.


Operating almost silently, the easy-to-use DEGASi Plus GPC and DEGASi Plus GPC Semi-Prep occupies minimal bench space and is fully compatible with all commercial GPC / SEC systems. Available with 1-6 channels, the DEGASi Plus GPC uses continuous vacuum system monitoring to ensure optimum operational conditions are maintained. Further Biotech innovation included as standard includes advanced error and leak checking functions and ZHCR® patented control to eliminate baseline fluctuations.

Benefiting from an excellent chemical compatible flow path, the CE & RoHS compliant unit is designed to operate trouble-free even if run continuously (24/7) for more than 5 years.