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Optimized Degassers for Nanofluidic Systems

Degasi in-line degassers.
Credit: Biotech Fluidics.
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Biotech Fluidics announce two new additions to their popular DEGASi® family of high-performance in-line degassers.


The DEGASi® Plus Nano and DEGASi® Plus ultraNano have been design optimized to address the challenge of nanofluidic systems by minimizing the hold-up volume and offering wide chemical compatibility.

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Nanofluidic studies enable the analysis of the properties and transport phenomena of liquids in nanoscale, typically ranging from 1 nL/min to 100 nL/min. These techniques are also being used to synthesize novel nanomaterials. Notable applications for nanofluidic techniques include biomolecular research, energy conversion, medicine, and water desalination.


With an internal volume of only 25µl – the DEGASi® Plus Nano is optimized for degassing fluid flows in the range up to 100 uL/minute. Biotech Fluidics also offer an Ultra version of this new degasser with a hold-up volume of just 6uL making it perfect for extremely low flow applications (up to 25 uL/minute).


Both the Nano and Nano-Ultra degassers are based on Systec AF membrane making them suitable for water-based media and most organic liquids (excluding alkanes and fluorinated solvents). The liquid flow path is metal free making these degassers fully biocompatible. The liquid connectors in these new degassers are female 10-32 coned ports making them suitable even for the smallest ID tubing. Fully RoHS and REACH compliant, the operating temperature for both new DEGASi® Nano systems is 4-60⁰C. Both degassers use the well-established and trouble free ZHCR Vacuum technology.


Maintaining a compact bench footprint, the new Nano and Nano-Ultra degassers are available with 1 to 6 channels as standalone degassers or as OEM units to provide the user with the best possible setup.