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Optimized Instruments for Polymer Characterization & Particle Sizing

Optimized Instruments for Polymer Characterization & Particle Sizing content piece image
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Testa Analytical Solutions e.K, a developer of high-performance GPC/SEC instruments and detectors for polymer characterization will showcase its OEM design and manufacture capabilities at Analytica 2020.

Testa Analytical has created fully optimized high-performance GPC/SEC detectors, GPC/SEC Pumps, accessories and software products customizable to meet exact needs.

Visitors to Analytica Booth A2-429 will be able to meet Testa Analytical's team of knowledgeable technical and engineering staff to discuss your product development needs and to learn how they can integrate of their technology into new or existing products.

Also, on display will be a full range of instruments that use scattered light to measure zeta potential, particle size, and molecular weight. Modular instrument design allows full customization of the products, with the aim of ensuring that customers receive precisely what they need to meet their research goals.