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Optimized Refractive Index Detectors

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Testa Analytical Solutions e.K reports on growing interest in OEM versions of its Differential Refractive Index (DRI) detector to enhance the performance of both HPLC and GPC/SEC systems.

Charlotte Stentzler , Technical Manager of Testa Analytical said "We have invested in stock components to enable us to offer our high performance DRI detectors, made here in Germany, on short delivery times. Being able to offer a wide range of options (light source, electronics, firmware) means these DRI detector can be readily adapted to fit the requirements of any third party HPLC or GPC/SEC system.  Our DRI detector has been repeatedly shown to improve the accuracy and reliability of most chromatography systems when determining absolute concentration and total mass balance. Operating from room temperature up to 80 °C with an outstanding thermal stability, the DRI detector also offers unsurpassed baseline stability and fast setting. Its sensitivity makes it the perfect RI detector to integrate into modern GPC/SEC and HPLC systems and to achieve peak performance even in the most challenging applications ".

She added "The flexibility of our detector design has enabled us to supply OEM versions to suit a wide range of requirements ranging frrom low flow rate (down to 300 µL/min) as well as for standard HPLC and GPC/SEC applications. We are able to offer OEM supply agreements for the DRI detector starting at low yearly volumes, which makes it the perfect match for organizations focusing on supplying systems for niche chromatography applications“.

To discuss integrating an optimized version of the DRI detector into your GPC/SEC or HPLC system please contact Testa Analytical Solutions on +49-30-864-24076 or cstentzler@testa-analytical.com