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PEAK Scientific Expands Gas Generation Expertise With Acquisition of Noblegen

The PEAK laboratory.
Credit: PEAK.
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Dusty TLP Ltd., owner of PEAK Scientific, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Wirac Automation Ltd, trading as Noblegen, a company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of specialist gas and cryogenic solutions. This is the latest step in the Dusty TLP board’s vision to expand its portfolio and develop its range of products to better serve customers around the world.

The acquisition represents a significant milestone for Dusty TLP, holding company of PEAK Scientific,  as it extends the ownership group’s presence into new sectors and enhances its position as experts in gas generation technology.

Recognising the talent and expertise at Noblegen, the new owners are committed to fostering a collaborative environment where employees can continue to thrive and contribute to the company’s success.

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Noblegen will remain a separate brand from PEAK Scientific, maintaining its own identity and continuing to operate independently, now with the support of the world leader in gas generation for the lab. 

Paul Hudson, newly appointed General Manager for Noblegen commented, “I am thrilled to take up this exciting opportunity with the team at Noblegen to continue bringing their existing customers the excellent products and customer service they have come to expect from Noblegen.”

Bill Johnston, founder of Wirac Automation Ltd, who will continue working at Noblegen in the role of Technical Director, commented on the change of ownership, “I’d like to thank all of our customers and suppliers who have been part of the business’s success over the years and I firmly believe that under the new ownership even greater successes are to be had in the years ahead.”

PEAK Scientific’s owners are confident that the acquisition of Noblegen will not only strengthen its position in the gas generation market, but also create new opportunities for collaboration and innovation. Together, PEAK Scientific and Noblegen will continue to drive positive change in the industries they serve.