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PerkinElmer Launches AxION™ Mass Spectrometry Platform

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PerkinElmer Inc., has announced the launch of its AxION™ Mass Spectrometry platform at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Conference, June 5-9, in Denver, Colorado.

The AxION hardware and software platform is specifically designed to deliver rapid and accurate mass identification and quantification to monitor water quality to ensure its safety as well as safer pharmaceutical and food products.

“In designing our new AxION MS hardware and software, our goal was to provide our customers the highest levels of confidence in their results so that they are better equipped to protect the environment and human health,” said Dusty Tenney, president, Analytical Science and Laboratory Services, PerkinElmer.

Tenney continued, “The AxION MS platform delivers unambiguous determination of complex molecules across a wide dynamic range so that contaminants and impurities can be readily identified.”

The combination of the state of art AxION hardware and software suite, brings highly specific, fast and accurate quantification to quality control and research-based organizations. The AxION platform is intended to help companies deliver better quality products and services to consumers across the environmental, food and pharmaceutical sectors.

The AxION system’s speed and specificity enable unambiguous identification and quantification of both known and unexpected compounds, for full characterization of a sample. With the combination of resolving power and sensitivity, the AxION platform helps determine critical contamination levels across a broad range of samples including environmental soil and water, pharmaceutical components and pesticide analysis of food products.

The AxION platform consists of the following hardware and software designed to provide user flexibility and facilitate tailored workflows:

• The AxION 2 Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (TOF-MS) instrument is available with a choice of patented ion sources, including dual probe Ultraspray™ 2 ESI or Field-Free Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionisation (APCI). Each source has interchangeable snap-in probes to enhance productivity and user flexibility by reducing cross-contamination.

• The AxION Solo™ software features an immediate results review system for single or multiple target analysis, to identify and quantify the presence of known substances in a series of samples.

• The AxION XPO™ software has a user-definable, colour-coded results view to allow laboratory managers to screen high volumes of samples at a glance.

• The AxION eDoor™ package has been created for Open Access environments. The intuitive user interface guides customers through the analysis from login, method selection and sample setup in a network environment, with simple results delivery by email.