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Perkinelmer Turbomass 5.2 GC/MS Software Empowers Users with Increased Flexibility and Productivity

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PerkinElmer Inc. has announced the introduction of Version 5.2 of its TurboMass™ software, for its Clarus® 500, TurboMass and TurboMass Gold series of gas chromatograph/mass spectrometers (GC/MS).

TurboMass 5.2 GC/MS software is designed to provide sophisticated instrument control, data handling and reporting options in forensic, research and chemical laboratories.

According to PerkinElmer, the TurboMass 5.2 software provides a custom compound list capability that allows operators to run a full batch of samples and select which compounds are to be reported to each individual client.

"PerkinElmer is committed to providing our customers with flexible, easy-to-use solutions to increase productivity and efficiency in the laboratory," said Jonathan Rennert, vice president and general manager of the Analytical Sciences business at PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences.

He adds, "By delivering new TurboMass 5.2 software with key features including environmental evaluation and reporting, PerkinElmer is providing users with a comprehensive software tool for conducting a variety of quality-control evaluations and reporting options that deliver quick, accurate results."