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PerkinEmer Announces the Release of DotLINK Interface

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PerkinElmer Inc has announced the release of the dotLINK™ interface for TotalChrom® Workstation and Client Server systems. The dotLINK interface is designed to enable Ethernet connectivity directly to the local area network, simplifying network architecture setup and configuration.

Through the use of an internal dotLINK interface board, built-in local area networking is now standard for all PerkinElmer Clarus® 500 Gas Chromatographs. An external dotLINK interface device is available for PerkinElmer Series 200 High Performance Liquid Chromatography systems and third-party control, providing connectivity and eliminating the need for terminal servers.

"The dotLINK interface addresses the urgent needs of today's fast-paced, high-throughput laboratories by providing Ethernet connectivity to the LAN. This offering is another example of PerkinElmer's commitment to the productivity and data integrity needs of our users," said Jonathan Rennert, vice president and general manager of the Analytical Sciences business for PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences.