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Phenomenex Expands SecurityGuard™ Line to Protect UHPLC Columns

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Phenomenex Inc. has introduced SecurityGuard ULTRA, a protection system that extends UHPLC column life.

An extension of the Phenomenex SecurityGuard line, the new ULTRA is ideal for virtually any manufacturer’s UHPLC, sub-2-micron or core-shell columns including the Phenomenex Kinetex® products.

SecurityGuard ULTRA protects against the damaging effects of chemical contaminants and microparticulates introduced by the sample, mobile phase or system, which can negatively impact column lifetime, method sensitivity, quantitation and peak identification.

Pressure-rated up to 20,000 psi (1,378 bar), these guard cartridges have no significant impact on chromatography, backpressure or dead volume.

“The easy-to-use SecurityGuard ULTRA cartridge system protects columns without affecting the performance benefits of advanced LC column technologies,” explains J.T. Presley, brand manager for Phenomenex.

Presley continued, “SecurityGuard ULTRA ensures long column lifetimes and reduces troubleshooting and system downtime.”

Phenomenex offers an interactive web application where users can enter their column information to find the most appropriate SecurityGuard ULTRA protection system along with simple instructional videos on installation and use.

Users can access this web application, videos and additional information at www.phenomenex.com/securityguardultra.