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Phenomenex Introduces Onyx™ Monolithic HPLC Columns

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Phenomenex Inc. has announced that it has introduces monolithic silica HPLC column portfolio, Onyx™.

Columns features include:

- Decreased column backpressure, thereby enabling:

(i) Faster separations and higher sample-throughput
(ii) High separation efficiencies by column coupling

- Increased column lifetime, even with biological samples

- Adaptation to standard HPLC pumps and instrumentation

- Ability to use current HPLC systems to achieve same results promised by HPLC systems on the market

The Onyx™ HPLC portfolio, based on monolithic technology under worldwide license from Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, includes a variety of silica gel based monolithic reversed and normal phase columns and was developed for standard HPLC separations in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food & beverage, and environmental industries, including LC/MS applications.