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Phenomenex Releases Updated Product Guide

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Phenomenex Inc. has announced the publication of its updated product guide for 2012/2013.

Covering the company’s comprehensive lines of HPLC/UHPLC, GC and sample preparation products, this year’s catalog is available in a full-color print version as well as online in an easy-to-use, interactive digital format.

New this year are dedicated sections on UHPLC and bioseparations, both of which are growing applications for chromatography and areas of focus for Phenomenex.

Multiple country-specific print versions have been published this year for the convenience of customers in key geographic areas. Print catalogs can be requested at www.phenomenex.com/pr/catalog, which is also the URL for the online version.

In conjunction with the company’s 30th anniversary, this year’s catalog includes historical information, photographs and highlights of the many technology and philanthropy awards Phenomenex has received over the years.

“The product guide complements our award-winning website. Together, they provide our customers with invaluable resources including thousands of applications, product selection tools and online ordering,” said Karen Brauneck, corporate communications manager for Phenomenex.