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Process Optimized Degassers

DEGASi® PREP+ degassers.
Credit: Biotech Fluidics.
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Biotech Fluidics has expanded its range of DEGASi® PREP+ degassers.


Driven by demand for process optimized systems, Biotech Fluidics now offers three DEGASi® PREP+ degassers – standard, large, and extra-large to match the flow rate and diameter of tubing used in your application.  These units give great degassing performance for flow rates of up to 100 ml/min per channel.

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Biotech Fluidics is internationally recognized for producing high performance systems that efficiently remove dissolved gases from liquid process streams to ensure more consistent results. Employing a superior Systec® DST vacuum pump, and proprietary Systec® AF membrane technology, the DEGASi® Prep+ series degassers are able to reliably provide effective degasification at ultra-high flow rates.


DEGASi® Prep+ degassers save industrial users both time and money by avoiding production disruptions caused by bubbles in their fluidic process lines. With these impressive devices, you can efficiently remove dissolved gases and even bubbles from organic solvents or aggressive aqueous solutions at liquid flow rates of up to 100 mL / minute. The DEGASi® Prep+ is offered as a standalone unit in configurations operating from 1 to 4 channels of high throughput degassing. Special versions can be provided with an additional semi-preparative chamber.