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Quick and Efficient Sample Homogenization for Plasmid Protocols

Quick and Efficient Sample Homogenization for Plasmid Protocols content piece image
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Porvair Sciences have announced the new Chromatrap® Homogeniser Spin Column which provides a quick, cost-effective way to homogenize cells and tissues lysates in a single step.

Developed as a quick, clean and efficient alternative to syringe and needle homogenization techniques - the Chromatrap® Homogeniser Spin Column offers labs an easy-to-use downstream sample processing tool for a wide range of applications such as plasmid miniprep and midiprep and RNA extraction protocols. Good homogenization of cells and tissue lysates enables improvement in yield and quality of obtained plasmids and RNA for downstream applications.

Contained within a spin column, the unique proprietary bio-shredding Vyon® polymer contained within Chromatrap® Homogeniser Spin Columns reduces lysate viscosity and captures insoluble debris by centrifugation thereby eliminating the possibility of contamination.