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Raman Lasers and Accessories

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StellarNet is now offering a variety of Raman Lasers and Accessories for Raman spectroscopy applications that can be used to perform quick identification of a variety of liquid, solid, and powder samples.

The Ramulaser is a 785nm Raman Laser designed miniaturized and rugged for lab and portable Raman Applications. The Raman Laser line is 0.2nm FWHM and has 350/499mWatt adjustable power.

It measures 2x4x6" in a robust metal case with lithium-ion all day battery power.

The Ramulaser comes with options for a direct attach integrating sphere collection assembly for vials or attaches to a Raman probe via standard FC/APC connector.

StellarNet is also offering the Lab-LS-785 Raman Laser Mainframe designed as a turn-key solution for Laboratory Raman with adjustable laser power and TEC control electronics.

The Lab-LS offers interchangeable modules for a variety of different Raman wavelengths such as 532/647/830/1064nm.

Another item being released is the mini Raman Laser probe. This accessory couples a mini 785nm laser with integrated optics for Raman signal collection all in one.

The laser provides 100mW output power and 0.2nm FWHM. It's great for portable and OEM applications- Just add Spectrometer!

Lastly, StellarNet is offering a Raman Probe that will connect via FC/APC and return to users Raman Spectrometer via standard SMA.

The rigid probe length is 100mm with integrated Raman filters for 200 cm-1 and f/2 collection optics.

The probes excitation fiber is 100um diameter and read fiber to spectrometer is 600um core diameter for the most optimized signal collection!

The RPH4 Raman Probe Holder Accessory can be used to mount the probe for measuring 1/2" vials or flip it over and measure solid samples like pills and powders.