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Reliable, High-Performance Connections for UHPLC Instruments

MarvelX™ and MarvelXACT™ high pressure fluidic connections.
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Biotech Fluidics has published a practical review paper that demonstrates how its MarvelX™ and MarvelXACT™ high pressure fluidic connections enable users to achieve reliable, repeatable, and consistent UHPLC performance. In this paper, fluidic experts explore the connection challenges facing users of modern UHPLC instruments.

One of the biggest challenges in designing high performance fluidic connections for UHPLC is ensuring a reliable seal at the bottom of the connection port. The novel design of MarvelX™ and MarvelXACT™ reduce the sealing area needed to make a connection capable of withstanding UHPLC pressures and significantly decreases the amount of force needed to properly install a connection.

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Data is shown that demonstrates how the unique design of MarvelX™ and MarvelXACT™ fittings simplifies and speeds installation without sacrificing high performance. By changing the sealing mechanism and drastically decreasing required installation force, MarvelX™ and MarvelXACT™ fittings also remove the potential to damage critical UHPLC instrument components.

Benefiting from a torque limiting mechanism that ensures fittings cannot be overtightened, data is shown that shows how MarvelXACT™ high-pressure fluidic fittings enable users to achieve repeatable and consistent performance at pressures up to 19,000 psi even after 100 repeat uses.

By simplifying and speeding installation without sacrificing high performance even after many repeat uses, and eliminating damage to UHPLC instruments components, MarvelX™ and MarvelXACT™ fittings potentially provide UHPLC labs with savings of thousands of Euros per year.