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Remove Both Phospholipids and Proteins in One Procedure

Remove Both Phospholipids and Proteins in One Procedure content piece image
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With the new Resprep PLR (phospholipid removal) SPE products, both phospholipids and proteins can be removed simultaneously in a single procedure.

Whole blood, serum, and plasma all contain proteins and phospholipids that can interfere with target analytes and hasten the need for instrument maintenance. It is important to remove them from samples prior to analysis to avoid signal suppression, and Resprep PLR SPE cartridges or 96-well plates are designed to enable this task by combining protein precipitation and phospholipid removal in one sample preparation process.

No analyte-specific method development is required because the same procedure can be used for samples containing acids, bases, or neutral compounds. In addition, effective removal of phospholipids and proteins from sample extracts reduces contamination, minimizing the frequency of instrument maintenance.